Say Yes Giveaway!

#SayYesRelease Instagram Tour Presented by: J.R. Gray and A Novel Take PR Hosted by: @rentasticreads  @sarahreadsnz  @alphabookclub @fortheloveoffictionalworlds @lattesandpaperbacks @books.and.moonlight @two_chicks_obsessed @karenboudoir SAY YES is being re-released on 7/24 and to celebrate we will have 8 days of gorgeous #bookstagram photos! What it is: for eight days, stop by each of the hosts above to […]

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Nailed It!

As many of you know, I tagged along with a good friend of mine, Kerry Heavens, to a signing she was doing in Chicago. I grew up in Chicago and a chance to visit the city to ride trains and see a friend from the UK was a chance I couldn’t miss. I’d never been […]

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