Maybe rethink your comment.

I hate being misgendered. I’m not sure if all trans people feel this way, but for me it’s like being completely dismissed and people don’t see me. They see social norms, or hear my voice and no matter how hard I fight to be gendered correctly it’s a failure. I live in Texas and I […]

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Stuck in a moment

It’s no secret I suffer from social anxiety. I’ve written about it before. I wrote about how it affected my GRL experience just two weeks ago. Because of my social anxiety I spend a lot of time in self-reflection. This is a huge part of anxiety. We over analyze situations to death. Do you remember […]

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I need to do more.

I’ve sat back and watched my rights dismantled for the last two years with not a thing I could do about it. I live in Texas, where being out is dangerous at best, and the the new state department language about trans people a little insane. But I can’t put my identity back in a […]

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Practicing Extroverting

I am introverted out. To the point where leaving my house is painful. I don’t even want strangers to look at me. It’s taken me a lot of years to not have to take an entire week or two away from people to recover. I’m still recovering from GRL, but I can still function with […]

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Love Is…

Love is so often unrequited, unfulfilled, or even unequal. It’s pain and agony and slowly dying while its captives are looking for it in other places. It hurts and tears up the parts of our soul we hold most dear, and yet we consume it like alcoholics drunk off the romantic ideology we’ve been spoon-fed […]

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