Not Tentacle Porn!

As I type ‘The End’ on another book, I started reflecting on the past week. I released a book I love, but it’s a bit of a niche genre straddling the line of romance and Sci-fi. It didn’t do as well as I’d hoped it would. Something I think every writer experiences. I knew it […]

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Ever So Madly Out NOW!

Buy Ever So Madly! Love is for peasants, nobles marry for power. These are the rules Jocelynn has lived by. She is expected to be the poised and perfect vision of relentless power. Set to inherit the House of Akillie she was bred to rule. Men have never turned her head, until now Madden achieved […]

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Forking – A Bound Short Story (Zac some time in the not so distant past.) “You’re not even going to take me to the bedroom?” “I’m hungry.” Zac replied as he stood naked digging around in his large stainless steel fridge. The chill on his dick wasn’t helping so much but one look back at […]

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I’m starting a blog post without a rant. Put away your shocked faces. I took the last few months, mostly, off from blogging, as I knew I would be all over the place this summer, and I didn’t want one more thing added to my plate along with the deadlines I already had. Summer has […]

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