Pushing for More

I want better for myself. I think we all do. I want to hold myself to a higher standard. I have been torn for weeks finishing up this YA book I’m writing. I’ve never been happy with a YA I’ve finished before. This one is queer. It has a trans main character and a bisexual […]

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Love is Complicated

This is a hard one for me to write and I’m wavering before hitting publish even this morning. As I wrote last month, December is a hard month for me because of the people I’ve lost. One of them being my father. He died on December 30th. My father was an alcoholic. These memories hurt […]

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New Year, New Something.

The world isn’t great right now. There is tension and stress woven everywhere we look. There are days it feels like it’s a rubber band pulled too tight and it’s about to break. But I don’t want to carry those things with me into the new year. I don’t want to hold on to negative […]

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Holidays Are Hard

Holidays are hard. Anyone who doesn’t agree with me might not have lived or loved as hard. Or maybe I was just dealt a different hand from life. The first two funerals I went to were those of my sister and father barely five months apart. There are so many of us who have lost […]

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Grand Planning

I like to grand plan. I like to do it a lot more while I’m out in the majestic landscapes with little to no cell service. I like to think I could work hard and put out so many more books a year. I do already work hard, but I want to push myself to […]

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