Crossed Hearts is LIVE

Small towns thrive on gossip, and as the owner of the local bar I consider myself keeper of those secrets. The bar is like a confessional, a place to unload. My sanctuary where my secrets stay hidden and the focus is never on me.

I keep my world orderly. None of the bad touching the good. Little dividers allow me to live with myself, which isn’t easy in Arrowood.

It worked until my one lapse in judgement showed up to bite me in the ass.

My best friend’s arrogant, moody, and persistent little brother who just won’t take no for an answer. I’ve never wanted and hated someone so much in my life. He’s determined to pull my secrets out of me—I’m determined to resist him.

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Experiences and Triggers

Triggers are such a strange thing. They exist all around us and so many of us deal with them everyday. I didn’t have a word for them for a long time, not until I was a member of the romance community. I always thought this was a part of grief and everyone dealt with losing […]

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Patreon Revamp!

I am revamping my Patreon for the fall! It’s getting a whole new Bound Club like feel. All my love to those of you who are already supporting me there and I want to expand things. Is there anything you’d like to see on Patreon that would entice you to join? Some of the new […]

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Rewritten is OUT!

Movie star 102: The headlines are never what they seem. Quellcrist wasn’t new to fame or the effect it had on a relationship. He’d been married in the spotlight for as long as he’d been famous. But that was before Hale. He knew it was going to test him but even he hadn’t known the […]

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Rewritten First Chapter!

ONE January Hale I woke up wrapped in Quell’s arms. We were home. We’d been here for weeks and I still wasn’t used to it. The light streamed across the foot of our bed in a fractal pattern. I could smell the ocean or maybe it was my imagination. How easy this was. We had […]

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