Texas Scares Me

I found out last week I am moving to Texas.

The title of this blog post started off with an epic typo: Texas scars me. Freudian slip?

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you this terrifies me. No offense to anyone from Texas, but in my mind I see the state as three things. Religion, republicans and guns. As a very out genderqueer guy I’m sure you can gather why this is a bit scary for me. I hate viewing anything as negative, and this honestly is an amazing opportunity for my partner. The job couldn’t be anymore perfect except the location so I’ve really got to suck it up.

When my sister died eleven years ago I went through a bad bout of depression. I think I was a zombie for a year. I don’t even remember much of it, but her death brought me to a place where I now see life is way to short to waste with negativity. We all get stuck in a rut and go through stress and rough patches, but I’ve really tried since her death to make the most of everything.

How can I make the most of Texas?

I’ve been rolling over this question since the opportunity became a possibility and I think I finally have an answer. I’m going to seek out LGBT groups there and try to break out of my ‘I like staying home alone to write’ shell. I want to be a positive activist for the LBGT community and after talking to some really great people who live in Texas or have lived in Texas I’m reassured about my move there, and finding like minded people. I’ve been really open about who I am. I don’t plan on hiding my gender identity or sexuality once I’m there. I’m going to be me, and I’m going to find places I can volunteer as much as I can to help make Texas the place I want to live.

This may occasionally turn into how many people can I terrify leaving my books or bookmarks around, watching Tumblr in public, or other antics, but we’ll keep that on the downlow for now.

Now for my big list of to do this week: 

Finish Say Yes and get it sent in.

Get my house ready to sell. (Yes this is why I’ve been covered in paint all week)

List my house.

Throw out all the shit I’ve collected since moving here I don’t need. (It feels so good)

Pack my house. (I need lots of wine for this)

Finish Clouded Hell.      

Read Mercedes Lackey Magic’s Pawn (I’m really excited about this0

Sit in the corner, surfing Tumblr, while pretending I have nothing to do. -shifty-

Current song obsession: Hozier – Someone New

Have you picked up Bad Alpha yet?

23 thoughts on “Texas Scares Me

  1. First, I wish you all the best on your move. I know it’s scary, but I have a feeling you are going to be just fine. I don’t know your time frame or new potential hometown, but I’ll be in Dallas next August for Deliciously Dirty In Dallas book signing and would love to see you there, or at least catch up over a drink. It’s a year away, but I always feel like having something to look forward to makes me feel better about the present. – Jessie

  2. Good luck, moving is always tough, no matter the situation. I think you have found the single most important factor of making moving to a new place successful – to do as much as you can to make it the place you want to live. That attitude will make it better for you, and for others.

  3. I’m a Texas girl. The thing is, Texas is huge. And while you’re mostly right about the politics and religion, it very much depends on where you are. If it’s a major metro city, there are plenty of like minded people to be found. And if you’re headed to a small town, we’re around there too, just maybe a little harder to find. I like your line of thinking when you speak of LGBT groups and volunteering. Definitely the way to approach the whole matter, IMO.

    I did finish your short True Blood and very much enjoyed it.

  4. Hmmm… Oh dear. I can see how this could be stressful. My husband is miserable with his job. He works for a university and though he loves the setting and wants to look at working in another university, it also means he’s looking in other states. A lot in places I’ve never been. I’m a New York/ Connecticut girl. I’ve lived in these 2 states my whole life. The thought of going to the unknown terrifies me. But, if the opportunity is there for him, I’ll go. You have a long list to do but the positive attitude to make it work. Though I’m not there, I am here and you have my support!

    1. I’ve lived all over the US. MI, IL, FL, WY and different parts of those states. Moving doesn’t scare me, it’s really the Texas part of it. Thank you for your support. It means the world to me.

  5. Wow. That is a big, big move, though it vastly depends on the area to where you end up moving. There are lots of great people & things there–one of my best gals & ultra-fab unicorn author is a Texan, so it’s not all rodeos and republicans; it’s just knowing where to find your people and it sounds like you’ve got a great plan for doing just that. Wishing you much luck in the move prep and all the things entailed between here and there.

  6. “This may occasionally turn into how many people can I terrify leaving my books or bookmarks around, watching Tumblr in public, or other antics, but we’ll keep that on the downlow for now.”

    I’m sorry, but I died laughing at this!!! Good for you for deciding to be YOU and getting out of the writing cave hidey-hole. Takes a lot of guts.

    Good luck on the packing, selling, & moving!


      1. It’s missing something crucial, for it to be classified as the best. #KittytotheFACE

  7. Texas, huh. I’ve wanted to visit there for a while. I myself have lived in Massachusetts my entire life. I can’t imagine moving to a new state. It sounds exciting and scary at the same time. Having a plan is always a good idea. It definitely can help quell anxiety or at least that is what I’ve found. Wishing you a smooth move and who knows it may open up a whole new avenue in your writing.

  8. Holy fuck stick. Did you just say you wrote a book called Say Yes? That’s the title of my book and it’s with my agent as we speak. It’s called Saying Yes. Written in 2014 and edited three GD times to her specifications. I’m sure they’re two different stories, but maybe a MS swap is in the making. Good luck in Texas. You’ll do fine. If it turns to shit I have three houses you can hole up in until you figure it out. That goes for you and your partner. I won’t stare…maybe just a little. Okay, maybe a lot. Can I touch?

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