Legally Bound Interrogation: Kennedy

Release Parties @ TRS


Jesse looks through the small window of glass on the door, seeing Kennedy waiting for him. Her feet are kicked up on the table and she looks bored. 

He pushes the door open and walks in, careful on how he approaches her. She puts her feet down and sits up.

“Jesse?” Her face is laced with confusion. She frowns at him.

“Hey. Are you okay?” He passes her a coffee and their fingers brush.

“I thought Gray was doing this?” Kennedy’s fingers linger closer to his before she pulls the cup to herself, holding it with both hands. Her big eyes look up at Jesse and he melts a little. 

“Didn’t Gray tell you?” Jesse shifts not admitting he asked for it.

“He might have, to be fair. I’m walking dead. I had a double shift.” She sits back taking the coffee with her looking at him over the edge…

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