Legally Bound Interrogation: Jesse

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The room fills with the deep rich smell of coffee. Footsteps approach from behind and a cup is slid across the desk into my view.

“Morning Jesse, punctual as ever.”

He draws the chair opposite out, places his graph pad and pen on the table, before taking his seat. “Morning, Gray.”

I lift the cap off the cup and draw in the fresh coffee’s aroma. “Ready to be interrogated?” I keep my face straight and pull his pad to my side of the desk and start to write in my messy left hand scrawl.

“Can you please stay within the lines?” His coffee cup has stopped mid route to his lips and he’s watching my pen strokes intently.

“I’m the writer, Jesse. Let’s get started shall we.” This is going to be interesting. I may write outside the lines because, well I can.


Jesse Goldmen.


He spilled…

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