Legally Bound Interrogation Intro

Release Parties @ TRS


The door bursts open and as I cock my head, raising a brow as I see Daniel, storming in with Jesse hot on his tail. This is where things start to get weird, my own characters bursting into my office, what? Already knowing I’m crazy I shake it off and go with it.

“We have a serious issue that needs to be resolved,” Daniel starts.

Jesse elbows past Daniel, knocking him off balance. The tone of Daniels voices goes from stern to shaky as he adjusts his balance.

“No, Daniel has an issue.” Jesse glares at him, then at me.

“What kind of issue?” Both brows are raised now as my intrigue spikes. 

“Tell Daniel that I’m doing the interrogations, Gray.” Jesse’s arms fold across his chest.

“I’m fucking doing them, not you.” Daniel has regained his balance, taking his place shoulder to shoulder with Jesse.

All eyes are on…

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