Explicit Legally Bound Deleted Scene Part 2 – 18+

Release Parties @ TRS

LB-D2This scene proceeds the book so it’s safe to read. No spoilers. 18+

He was smooth, fluid with his words, and Daniel liked his confidence.

He knew he couldn’t have heard him right, so he took another sip and pushed himself closer, Rafael’s cologne filling his senses. “It’s really loud in here. I can barely hear you.”

He couldn’t believe he was thinking of going home with this guy to bottom. Did someone drug him because clearly he was out of his mind. He had only let his ex fuck him because he threw a tantrum, and he hadn’t enjoy it.

Rafael’s eyes danced playfully, and his lips turned up into a grin that spelled mischief as he leaned closer to his ear. “You can barely hear me, or you’re pretending I didn’t say what I did?”

Daniel’s knees went weak as Rafael’s words brushed over his skin. “A little…

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