Explicit Legally Bound Deleted Scene Part 1- 18+

Release Parties @ TRS


This scene proceeds the book so it’s safe to read. No spoilers. 18+

Daniel sat at one of the local clubs in Boystown with a couple of his gay friends. The room glowed with neon lights and pulsed with loud music. Tonight he was content to sit and observe, the week’s caseload still weighing heavy on his shoulders. He rubbed his temples, nursing a beer while trying to convince himself that he was going to have to stop going out Sundays; he wasn’t in college anymore. Tomorrow morning, he would be dragging in court. His friend Ty kept attempting to engage him, but Daniel was too tired to hold a conversation over the noise. He stood, intending to beg forgiveness for an early departure from his buddies, but as he turned, he bumped into someone solid. Stumbling to the side a few steps, he spun around to apologize, almost tripping…

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