Explicit Legally Bound Extract – Daniel 18+

Release Parties @ TRS


“No offense to your public salaries, but you two combined couldn’t afford me,” Rafael added.
Daniel blinked, staring at the man that had bent him over the foot of a bed the night before, fucking him till he had forgotten his name. “We make pretty good money.”
“My clients are at the top of their professions. Most of them are fortune-five-hundred earners, CEOs, and…oh…a prince.” Rafael offered a smile, displaying his perfect teeth.
His expression remaining tactfully neutral, Daniel could feel the familiar arousal stirring in his gut. Through all this, the seriousness and awkwardness of the situation, somehow the notion that Raf was a high-priced escort…turned him on.
“Well, now that we have that cleared up, let’s move on, shall we?” Jesse looked more uncomfortable by the minute as he tugged on the knot of his designer tie.
“You look much better when you’re smiling, boy.” Rafael dropped his…

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