Stranger Than Fiction: WRAITH Series Book 2.

Today I have my friends RT Lucas and LJ Halkett, who stopped by to talk about their new book Stranger Than Fiction. They brought their characters along to answer a few questions.


Stranger Than Fiction, WRAITH #2

Maddy Scott lives a happy but quiet life, living alone with her cat and writing bestselling supernatural novels in her spare time.  Her inspiration comes from the dreams that she has had since childhood.  Dreams that are so vivid and detailed that it’s almost as though the world she creates is a real place.

WRAITH hunter Storm Alaziel has been sent from Vargr to the human world to detain and bring back the enemy of the Realm.  When he meets his target, the heart of the hardened operative starts to melt, and as events unfold it makes him start to doubt his values and loyalty.  

Troy Nabu is a Vargr prison guard. The only trouble is, he has been becoming obsessed by a mystery woman in his dreams and has fallen in love with her – but the stranger turns out to be his newest prisoner.  Can he really keep her imprisoned and send her to her execution, or will he leave behind everything he has ever believed to help her realize her destiny?

Three individuals, two realms – one destiny.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

Maddy:  I work in a hospital as a Receptionist, but my true passion is my writing.  I’m a published author and have started making a name for myself in the Bestsellers lists –proud smile- My life is kinda humdrum..until a handsome stranger comes barging into it.  Then everything changes in a heartbeat –blushes a little-

Troy: -sits with back straight, smiling warmly- I am a Prison Guard in Vargr’s notorious Caer-Sidi Detention Centre –looks over at Storm- I am charged with the safety and detainment of the prisoners our Hunters bring in.

Storm: -expression unreadable- I am a WRAITH Hunter from Vargr.  I am sent by my superiors to the Human world to locate and apprehend the enemy of the state –looks over at Maddy- Maddison Scott.

Are you a neat person or a messy person?

Maddy: -chuckles- Messy…but I think a messy desk means an uncluttered mind –shy smile-

Troy: -shrugs a shoulder- I suppose I’m neat, but not a freak like –looks over at Storm, giving a wry grin- some people I could mention.

Storm: -laughs, holding his hands up- Look I’m the first to admit I like order.  The other two are just clutterfreaks.  Everything has a place and chaos leads to mistakes.  –eyeballs the other two as they fall about laughing- I’m not that bad. 

What happens when you lose your temper?

Troy: I rarely lose my temper –said honestly- but don’t be anywhere near Storm if his temper goes –nods once, face grim-

Maddie: Oh yes, Storm is fierce when his temper breaks.  I’m just an angel –said with a straight face for three seconds, before bursting out laughing-

Storm: -shakes his head grinning- Maddy has a good throwing arm, that’s all I’m saying on the matter –winks at Maddy-

Is expressing love difficult for you? Why?

Storm:  It used to be, before I met Maddison and admitted my feelings to myself about her and Troy.

Maddy:  I was always the “friend” so it wasn’t that I found expressing love difficult, just that no one wanted to hear it, I guess.

Troy: No, never difficult.  I just never felt strong enough feelings for anyone to make me want to express my love.

What was the best sexual experience you’ve had?

Maddy: -blushes furiously-

Troy and Storm answer simultaneously: Every time together.

Maddy: -starts to laugh at Troy and Storm- What they said –nodding-

If you were to spend a day with a reader, what would you two do together?

Maddy: -eyes bright, and smile beaming- Oh that would be easy!  We would drink our weights in tequila and find the nearest karaoke bar –laughs-

Troy: I have never been to the Human world, so I would ask them to take me for a tour, and experience things from their point of view.

Storm: -thinks for a moment- I would take them to Vargr to sample the delights of our Realm.

If you could change one facet of your life what would it be?

Maddy: I would like to change the day to day danger we all face now, and hope that one day peace will reign.

Troy: I yearn for the day that me, Maddy and Storm can live our lives without worry or stress. –reaches over to take a hand from Maddy and Storm-

Storm –squeezes Troy’s hand and keeps eye contact with Maddy- I wouldn’t change a thing, because all roads have brought us here.

Author Bio:

Both Scottish authors are best friends and have been writing and developing their original characters for years. 

They are the authors of the Tainted Blood series, as well as writing stand alone novels and mini-series. 

Check them out online




Maddy was dumbstruck, and could only blink in morse-code as she watched Troy leave her cell and talk to Storm outside.  Her lips were still tingling from his embrace and she was sure she was burning up, because her body was flushed all over.  

“Taking a hell of a chance doing that.” Storm advised as Troy told him of his plan to try and help Maddy.  “But what’s life for if not to take chances?” he gave the slightest of grins before adding “You two seem to be getting along well.” and tilted his head back towards Maddy who was sitting staring out at them from her bed.

“About as well as you were, earlier – don’t think I didn’t see the shared looks you were giving each other when you brought her in.” Troy gave a short laugh as he seen the awkwardness in his friend’s face.  “She’s pretty special, I don’t blame you Storm.  It’s just unusual for you to show any interest in…well anyone.”

Storm’s mood dived “What is the point in feeling anything?  She is going to be killed tomorrow.”

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